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Principles 2: Stories and good lives
This topic is about the importance of our personal narrative and how to become active authors of this narrative.
Conclusion session: Preparing for take-off
Creating a road map for application of your learning
Cultivating Coaching Cultures
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One final model we will explore is one which is designed to be used on yourself. The main difference between this and the ACE model is the addition of a final stage recognising for bigger visions we are often moving to a new interim closer state in our planning rather than planning a full solution. This is therefore a circular model in which after first steps are taken the cycle starts again.

  • State of play – what is the situation you are wanting to address? What motivates change?
  • Envisioned future – what would you like the outcome to achieve, look and feel like?
  • Look for the route – how will you move forward? What bumps in the road might you expect?
  • First steps – what is the smallest thing you can do now to make progress towards your future?


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