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Principles 2: Stories and good lives
This topic is about the importance of our personal narrative and how to become active authors of this narrative.
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Both fixer and understander have their place, but in coaching the balance is heavily weighted toward being an understander. Here’s why:

  • When we fix a problem for someone:
    • They don’t get the opportunity to develop new knowledge and skills.
    • They are confirmed as someone unable to solve problems.
    • The individual becomes more and not less dependent on you for things going well.
  • When we support someone to fix a problem for themselves:
    • We build their confidence that they can make good decisions.
    • We encourage people to become self-reliant and self-directing.
    • We become less needed for future issues.

In essence, being fixer or understander is often about empowerment. Are we giving away our power to empower someone else, or are we making a role for ourselves and empowering ourselves by disempowering others?


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