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Principles 2: Stories and good lives
This topic is about the importance of our personal narrative and how to become active authors of this narrative.
Conclusion session: Preparing for take-off
Creating a road map for application of your learning
Cultivating Coaching Cultures
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If the person is wanting to make change in some way you might consider a model which again could be completed in just a few minutes such as ACE.

  • Achieve – what does the person want to achieve; be specific and explore a clear picture of what a good life would look like in relation to this area of change using as much imagery and detail as possible.
  • Challenges – what barriers will you come across as you move toward your intended achievement (note not what have you previously faced but effectively what will you overcome on route).
  • Execution – what are the specific plans you are going to put in to place and when will you achieve each step?

Again, you will see that the components are heavily focused on what the possibilities are for moving forward rather than what has previously been attempted and not worked.



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