Key definition – What is culture?
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Principles 2: Stories and good lives
This topic is about the importance of our personal narrative and how to become active authors of this narrative.
Conclusion session: Preparing for take-off
Creating a road map for application of your learning
Cultivating Coaching Cultures
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This course is about adopting a coaching culture rather than being trained as coaches, which leads to our second key definition, that of culture. Organisational culture can be considered as:

“The deeper level of basic assumptions and beliefs that are shared by members of an organisation, that operate unconsciously, and that define in a basic ‘taken for granted’ fashion an organization’s view of itself and its environment.” (5)

“Culture is what you stop noticing and take for granted when you have worked somewhere for over three months” (6)

“What happens in reality; the practices that are common and visible which hint at the assumptions beneath.” (7)

So, throughout our course we will be looking beyond coaching as a role which can be undertaken by an individual to consider how core coaching principles can form the basis for your organisation’s practice paradigm.


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