WM501: Working on the Margins


This unit will provide you with the opportunity to develop an introductory understanding of working with the people who may be on the fringes of our society or feel a sense of exclusion from our communities.


The unit comprises two modules. During the first module you will explore the concepts of community and wellbeing. The second module will guide you through working with specific groups of people within our communities.

On successful completion you will be better equipped to know what work you can do as a life coach with people on the margins and what would be best done by another professional.

This unit comprises:

  • Where are the margins of our society?
  • Introduction to wellbeing and mental health
  • Working in the community
  • Understanding diversity and difference
  • Working with faith as human and social capital
  • Understanding offending
  • Working with addiction
  • Working with domestic abuse
  • Working with sexual offending
  • Knowing your boundaries


Assessment is through a 1,000-word assignment.