DS401: Developing your Practice Skills


This unit will provide you with the opportunity to build your knowledge and skills as a life coach.


The unit comprises two modules. During the first module you will explore a variety of approaches to building, maintaining and understanding individual motivation. The second module will introduce you to a further selection of coaching models / tools.

On successful completion of the unit you will be equipped to further build the depth of your life coaching skills and tools as you work with people.

This unit comprises:

  • Adopting a psycho-social approach to practice
  • Science of persuasion
  • Cycle of change
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Working with conflict
  • Post-modern coaching
  • Developmental coaching
  • Integrated coaching
  • Reflecting on your model
  • Planning ongoing learning as part of your development

Assessment of this course is through the completion of a 1,000-word assignment.