SP301: Getting Started in Practice

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About Course

The unit comprises two modules. During the first module you will explore some of the fundamental experiences and building blocks of being self-employed. The second module will demonstrate some of the resources which are available for helping you to grow your business. The unit includes sessions on:

  • An introduction to the unit and business canvas model
  • An introduction to freelancing and the legal basics
  • Aims, objectives and mission
  • Knowing your product
  • Knowing your market
  • Creating a marketing strategy
  • The role of social media
  • Building an online presence
  • Email and appointment systems
  • Building a business canvas – putting it all together

Throughout this unit I will share some of the tools and resources I have found useful in developing my own private coaching practice. As such, this unit is not intended to provide you with business advice or take the place of a business advisor or mentor but will help you to increase your awareness of some of the business basics and resources available to you as you establish your own practice. You should therefore  note that this is not a course advising you on how to start your own business, nor should any of the resources shared be considered an endorsement of that product.

By the end of this unit you will have developed your own business canvas to help you establish your life coaching practice in accordance with your vision for work.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand what you need to do to get your coaching practice started.
  • Demonstrate the necessary skills to create a business canvas.
  • Appreciate how you can package your service as a product to be sold.
  • Critically apply the concepts to putting your plan into practice.

About the instructor

Dr Dave Wood
Providing innovative, high quality community life coach training and professional, social skills and wellbeing workshops at an affordable cost. Dave is a former Senior Probation Officer, now founder and director of Metanoeo CIC, Realign Coaching and Theolotweet Academy. He also lectures in Psychosocial Analysis and Community Wellbeing and is a community life coach and trainer. Dave holds a BA in Bible and Theology, BA(Hons) in Community Justice, MA in Criminal Justice and PhD in Theology. He is a member of the Association for Coaching, a Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs and also a community member of Forum Housing Association.

Course Curriculum

SP310: Unit Introduction
Introduction to the unit.

  • SP311: Session Content – Unit Introduction
  • Unit Handbook
  • Recommended Reading

SP320: Freelance Fundamentals
An introduction to the basics of freelancing.

  • Module Notes
  • SP320: Session Content – Module Introduction
  • SP321: Session Content – An introduction to freelancing and legal basics (in England and Wales)
  • SP321: Additional Resources – Accounts and banking
  • SP321: Additional Resources – Getting the right advice
  • SP321: Quiz – An introduction to freelancing and legal basics
  • SP322: Session Content – Aims, objectives and mission
  • SP322: Additional Resources – Mission statements
  • SP322: Additional Resources – Aims and objectives
  • SP322: Quiz – Aims, objectives and mission
  • SP323: Session Content – Knowing your product
  • SP323: Additional Resources – Knowing your product
  • SP323: Quiz – Knowing your product
  • SP324: Session Content – Knowing your market
  • SP324: Additional Resources – Knowing your market
  • SP324: Quiz – Knowing your market

SP330: Business Building Basics
An introduction to ideas around marketing your business.

  • Module Notes
  • SP330: Session content – Module introduction
  • SP331: Session Content – Creating a marketing strategy
  • SP331: Additional Resources – Creating a marketing strategy
  • SP331: Quiz – Creating a marketing strategy
  • SP332: Session Content – The role of social media
  • SP332: Additional Resources – The role of social media
  • SP332: Additional Links – Social media posting platforms
  • SP332: Quiz – The role of social media
  • SP333: Session Content – Building an online presence
  • SP333: Additional Resources – Building an online presence
  • SP333: Additional Links – Building an online presence
  • SP333: Quiz – Building an online presence
  • SP334: Session Content – Email and appointment systems
  • SP334: Additional Resources – Email and appointment systems
  • SP334: Additional Links – Email and appointment systems
  • SP334: Quiz – Email and appointment systems

SP340: Unit Review
Summarising the unit and putting it all together into a business canvas.

  • SP341: Session Content – Unit Summary
  • SP341: Additional Resources – An overview of business canvas models
  • SP341: Additional Resources – Template for business canvas
  • SP341: Additional Resources – Ongoing Development

One-to-One Tutorial
Link to book your tutorial meeting.

  • One-to-One Tutorial