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Preparing for the second core day of training

Core teaching conclusion?

Final exercise of the core teaching preparing students for stage two of the course.

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Science of Persuasion

As a coach you will have influence over other people which you need to use ethically and with respect for the other persons autonomy. To be able to ethically influence requires integrity and honesty.

Principles of Ethical Influence

In this session we are going to consider six principles of creating influence in your practice.


Be the first to give, this might be:

  • Service
  • Information
  • Concessions


Demonstrate what you are offering is of value through emphasising:

  • Genuine scarcity
  • Unique features
  • Exclusive information


Establish your position through:

  • Your professionalism
  • Industry knowledge
  • Your credentials
  • Being open about your weaknesses


Ensure you start:

  • Small and build up
  • With your existing commitments
  • With openness
  • Respecting the autonomy of others voluntary choice


Use the power of people through showing:

  • The responses of others to your offer
  • Past successes and testimonials


Make friends by uncovering:

  • Similarities
  • Opportunities for genuine compliments
  • Opportunities for co-operation